KOMPAN Sport & Fitness Institute

A dedicated knowledge centre that fuels product innovation and ensures the development of training solutions that work

KOMPAN Sport & Fitness Institute is a newly established institution which through insights from a combination of training experts, knowledge of user needs and customer demands develops product and training concepts for eveyone.

Being a global expert  in playgrounds, KOMPAN observed a worldwide growing demand for outdoor fitness, and workout classes. Modern life is confronting society with big challenges related to the world's increasing urbanzation, sedentary lifestyles and ageing population. The world is suffering from an inactivity crisis, with obesity and many other directly related health problems to show for it. Additional to physical inactivity, loneliness is now being identified as one of the biggest global health problems.

To be able to offer effective solutions to these challenges, KOMPAN has set up the KOMPAN Sport and Fitness Institute, supplementary to the KOMPAN Play Institute. Always eager to generate and share knowledge, the KOMPAN Fitness Institute serves as a network to generate and collect international knowledge concerning physical activity and outdoor fitness. The KOMPAN Sport and Fitness Institute functions as the fundament for research, product development, exercise programs, digital support and transfer of gathered knowledge.


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