KOMPAN now available through US General Services Administration

KOMPAN products are now available on the United States General Services Administration contract

AUSTIN — April 27, 2020 — The General Services Administration recently approved KOMPAN as an authorized vendor. The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States government that exists to support federal agencies and branches ofthe military. One of its primary functions is to review and validate companies that seek to establish procurement contracts with federal government agencies. The GSA analyzes potential vendors to ensure that the products and services the companies offer are high-quality, reliable and provided at the best available prices. For KOMPAN, it is exciting to have satisfied the rigorous standards set forth by the GSA.

 Now that KOMPAN products are available on the GSA contract, KOMPAN can serve government agencies in a previously unfulfilled capacity. For KOMPAN, this endorsement allows a brand new group of customers to purchase directly from the company. KOMPAN understands the importance of the military and federal agencies and delight in the opportunity to provide them with high-quality outdoor playgrounds, exercise equipment, and site furnishings.

 Our global presence provides United States government facilities convenient access to high-quality equipment no matter their location.

 "Kompan is thrilled to be a GSA provider and excited our federal employees, service members around the world as well as their families will get to enjoy the world’s finest play and fitness experiences.”

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