Playground village in Danish zoo makes children feel they are living in the wild | KOMPAN | Givskud Zoo Denmark

Givskud ZOO

Organic Robinia playground village brings nature into the zoo

In this case the ORGANIC ROBINIA products were the perfect match. This great playground in Givskud Zoo is an impressive sight which attracts the visiting families and makes the trip to the park complete with play and activities.

ORGANIC ROBINIA is influenced by the shapes of the nature and made to inspire play and movement. It is made from environmentally friendly wood and is built to last for many years. This site offers a lot of experiences that could excite children’s interest in nature, while parents can both relax and keep watch. It encourages children to explore their understanding of nature while they socialize with others in a natural outdoor environment. With this unique playground, we make room for good and challenging games for the visiting families of Givskud Zoo.


In search for new ways to stimulate their visitors, Givskud Zoo in Denmark decided to create a new outdoor playground. They were searching for a solution that was consistent with the natural expression of the zoo and animal life that moves freely around in the park.

“This way of creating playgrounds supports language, social behavior and integration - both in schools and institutions, but also in residential areas and on public playgrounds.”

Gitte Bossow

Playground Consultant

KOMPAN Denmark A/S

Givskud Zoo

Jutland, Givskud 7323, Denmark