GIANTS - Gigantic in strength and size

Superior Structural Integrity

Designed with cleverly engineered stability techniques, The sky-high GIANTS are rock solid, suitable for heavy usage and highly resistant to strong winds.

Both tower heights (23 or 29 feet) are designed with a hexagonal center and supportive side towers. The result is an extremely strong and rigid tower unit. The open steel grid panels ensure a large air flow through the structure and high cross link stability. 

Warranties: Post: Lifetime. Paint: 10 years

Listen to the engineer talk about the structural integrity of the GIANTS

Durable graphic panels

The transparent panels are made of high-quality polycarbonate with a thickness of 15mm.

The graphic prints are added using a unique two-layer print process where the image is the inner layer and the transparent second layer functions as protection. Both the panel and the lacquer are UV stabilized to prevent fading in the sun.

Further, the graphic prints are placed on the outer side of the panels to prevent damage to the print as the children play. All printed panels are placed out of reach, high up on the tower, in order to prevent vandalism.

Warranties: Panels 10 years. Print 5 years

Listen to the engineer talk about the technology behind the durable printed panels

50 years of proof

The GIANTS carry the strong DNA of KOMPAN’s tested and market approved play structure platform with more than 50 years of success in the market.

This highly durable and vandalism resistant platform is built to last a lifetime, using hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel posts to prevent corrosion in the outdoor environment.

The HPL decks are incredibly durable, able to support multiple children and all weather conditions for many years to come. The EcoCoreTM panels are made of long-lasting, eco-friendly PE with a core of 100% recycled material.

Warranties: Post: Lifetime. Paint: 10 years

 Stability side cassette 


 Steel re-enforced ropes


Hot dip galvanized steel