Gamlegården Park Fitness, Sweden

Street workout and calisthenics zone is part of a new unique activity park

When planning the extensive activity park in Kristianstad, residents were asked to give input on activities. Street workout and calisthenics have become widely popular around the world, as well as in Kristianstad. A great park should have something for everybody, and with the new fitness zone, people now have a place to meet and workout together. 

The main purpose for the neighborhood was to help develop integration. Combining play and fitness areas has enabled younger and older people to meet and learn from each other.  Uniquely designed and durable equipment was chosen to create a site that could even attract people from the rest of Kristianstad, thereby making the entire Gamlegård neighborhood more popular.

Gamlegården means ‘the old farm’ but today it is very new.

Fun, social, and modern workout

Street workout and calisthenics started as an underground fitness activity, but today, largely due to social media, the community has grown to become huge, especially amongst teenagers and young adults. Beginners and experts share experiences online, and at sites you can often find someone on YouTube looking for inspiration. Bars at different heights and combinations offer hundreds of different exercises. Bodyweight is used to make the exercise either easy or more challenging. KOMPAN features helpful workout routines clearly indicated on the structure for beginners to easily get started. From there, the possibilities are endless. The free KOMPAN Outdoor Fitness app also supports users with exercises for all levels and equipment types.




”We really feel safe on this equipment. It feels durable and robust. You have to feel confident that the equipment lasts while exercising. The area is fantastic because there are so many different things to do here, not just exercise.”

Jens Mikael Hoel 

Parkour coach

Kristianstad parkour

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