GALAXY™ - a cool play magnet

GALAXY™ gets school agers and t(w)eens active and playing!  

The play signal coming from GALAXY™ structures is so cool and untraditional that it sparks the curiosity and desire to play in even the most resisting and inactive t(w)eens. When first looking at a GALAXY™ structure, children don't immediately know how to use it - they need to find the way up and step by step figure out how to get around. And along the way, children get small surprises with elements that suddenly move.  

GALAXY™ offers advanced climbing that goes both vertically and horisontally, dynamic spinning activities that make their heads spin, strength and balance training and the coolest hangout spots for social interaction with friends.

GALAXY™ - a cool play magnet

Great includer of all abilities

GALAXY™ structures welcome children of all ages and abilities by being highly accessible and full of groundlevel play activities.

The open and transparent design allows children in wheelchairs or using walkers to access the structures, go under and inside, and from there interact with friends climbing around in the structure. 


A colour theme for any theme and environment



The GALAXY™ colour universe

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