Free Daily Webinars Now Available

Beginning March 23, please join us online for Free Daily Webinars presented by Dr. Suzanne Quinn, PhD and other KOMPAN experts.  Explore below for details on a variety of webinar topics.  To register, just click on the date of the session.  All webinars presented in Central Standard Time


Dr. Quinn is the manager for the KOMPAN Play Institute, Americas and has over 20 years experience as an educator, early years practitioner, teacher educator and researcher.  She is the co-editor of the Routledge Handbook of International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (2018) with J. Roopnarine, J. Johnson, and M. Patte and Living with Children: A Froebelian Approach to Working with Familes and Communities (2019) edited by Tina Bruce, P. Elfer, S. Powell and L. Werth, as well as several empirical articles in peer reviewed publications.

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We are seeing a trend toward nature-based play and play in nature parks and outdoor spaces.  In this session we will review the current research on the benefits of nature and nature play for health and wellness and share ideas on designing a built environment that works with nature to support the benefits of outdoor play.  The session will include a review of research and case studies of successful designs for active play spaces that work with the natural environment and enhance nature play.  (CEU)

April 8 - Dr. Suzanne Quinn - 2:00 pm 



As obesity rates increase worldwide and our population ages, fitness is more important than ever for long, healthy lives.  In this webinar you'll learn how KOMPAN has built innovative machines and equipment for outdoor fitness that will match or beat a gym workout.  All are created with sturdy components to withstand weather and vandalism.  You will also learn about KOMPAN's newest fitness line, Stay Fit, that is specifically designed to maintain and develop mobility for those in rehab or active agers.  

April 10 - Dr. Suzanne Quinn, Rob Boogmans, Morten Zacho - 2:00 pm 

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A universal approach to designing innovative outdoor play environments that are relevant for all abilities and facilitate high-use will be presented through examples, concepts, and research.  Identify the elements of playground design that accommodate "play for all" and present challenges and opportunities for children of all abilities.  REview current world discussions and gain a better understanding of the needs of children with disabilities including development, health and social inclusion.  (CEU)

April 7 - Dr. Suzanne Quinn - 11:00 am 

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Most playgrounds are focused on physical play for their communities, but sometimes there is an opportunity to do more.  Join the KOMPAN Solution Design team to hear about custom playground design that reflects the communities they are built into while providing more opportunities for play.  With insightful research into the communities and custom playground equipment, we can design playgrounds that are truly unique destinations.

April 9 - Simone Mansur Riedl, CPSI - 11:00 am 



An in-depth examination of Outdoor Fitness installations in urbancommunities and the impact they have on the health & wellness of the residents in those communities.  Using case studies and empirical research, presenters will show how a well-designed outdoor fitness area in an optimal location can have an immediate and positive impact on the urban residents who use the area.  A number of different design features will be considered in order to maximize the number of users, provide different types of training, exercise different muscle groups, and help assure the overall success of urban outdoor fitness installations.  (CEU)

April 6 - Dr. Suzanne Quinn - 2:00 pm 

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