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Spinner Bowl

The Spinner Bowl is a load of fun for all ages! A thrilling ride that also provides the physical benefits of vestibular stimulation and excellent balance training, the Spinner Bowl can be enjoyed by all.

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The Spica is a uniquely designed piece of rotating play equipment. It doesn't take up a lot of space, and more than one child may play on it simultaneously.

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Use your strength and hold your balance! Turning, spinning, balancing or just enjoying the ride are among the countless play options for the Supernova.

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Garden Seesaw

Safely seated at both ends of the Garden Seesaw, many children can enjoy the fun. With a way to secure both hands and feet, even the youngest will have a great ride.


Red House

Our house imitates the design of a real house, down to the picket fence and shelves. With its multitude of benches, tables and play surfaces this playhouse certainly lives up to all modern requirements.



Our orbits line will challenge children's physical strength and challenge their spatial coordination. Use in combination with pods of other heights to increase the difficulty.

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BLOQX3 has a strong visual quality that is a powerfull invitation to the climbing landscape that BLOQX 3 offers. A climbing landscape that can be a training arena, where enthusiastic training effort is rewarded with successfull climbing. 

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Age Appropriate Sign 

This sign can be customized with your organizational logo or text.

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Explorer Dome

The Explorer Dome is a combination of the Classic Dome and the Explorer Arch. Various ropes and ladders encourage children to stretch, jump, sway, balance, hang, bend, and twist.


Corocord Classic Dome

The Classic Dome captures the enjoyable and challenging nature of pure climbing with no limits. Soaring into the sky to a majestic height, it fascinates and invites children into a world of climbing, while its transparent structure complements your playground beautifully.

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Two Bay Swing

KOMPAN swings can be configured to adapt to individual needs & demands.


Corocord Macro Spacenet

The architecture of the Macro Spacenet is impressive and is sure to be a landmark in any playground. The structure is a challenging, complex and dynamic play piece that awakens the “climbing gene” in all school-age kids and sparks their imaginations.



Another one of our unique playground structures, the Ridge offers lots of upper-body training and places to hang out with friends. The accessible stairway complies with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, providing access to elevated activities.


Mega Deck Tower With Upper Deck, Physical, Plastic Slides ADA

This huge, accessible play unit has it all: varied climbing and sliding from more levels, a wonderful view on the way to and from the top and great play corners to gather in. The variation of activities of the Mega Deck Tower offer good muscle and motor skills training, among others balance and cross-body coordination, for a wide range of children and their adults.


Play Tower, Physical, ADA Stairs, Plastic Slide

The tall, roomy play house on poles with net can be accessed by most by the ADA staircase, wide enough to room an assistant and with good grips in the side panels and the floors. From the nice house, a seated, rotating slide movement down the Curly Climber, holding onto the pole in the middle for extra support, takes the child to ground level.


Triple Tower with Wackle Bridge, Physical, Plastic Slides ADA

The play unit offers many levels of play: from the inclined climbing net up to the lower platform, from which the child can take the stomach-tickling slide down to the ground or enjoy the rotating movement of the Curly Climber back to the ground. The second half leads to the roomy top of the mega tower, from where either a curved, bumpy slide or a dare devil pair of banister bars takes the child back to the ground at full speed.


Home and Garden, SM

The Home and Garden hold an eternal attraction. The Garden side has a door bell, a flag that can be hoisted up and down, a post box, a string with play sphere, a green see-through peep hole and a pot, which can be removed from its holder. The Home side has an indoor post box, shoes with laces, a switch, a green see-through peep hole, a blue tube to pass items through to the other side, and a mirror.


Coupe Deluxe Under 2

Coupe Deluxe thrives on an interest for cars, what they do and how they can be used. As a natural part of everyday life, it is a perfect setting for fantasy and role play.


Safari Under 2

On this structure, we've paired the Giraffe with a Forest to aid toddlers’ imaginative skills while offering a multitude of different play activities that are physical, manipulative and tactile.



The Home/Rescue structure is a house on one side and a fire truck on the other. The two themes are inviting environments for children to play in, and both offer a variety of activities.


Adventure Tower

The tower includes an internal navigation route that brings the child up the stairs, where he or she can choose to continue the journey by venturing out in the climbing net or go down the speedy slide.


The Wizards Hideaway ADA

The whimsical wizard’ s hideaway is a cottage with an outdoor table. It’s designed to allow for children with walkers or wheelchairs either playing at the table or using the stairway.



Six-Sided Climbing Structure

Made of Organic Robinia, this structure offers physical play value inside and outside of the structure.


Tree Climber

Climbing is an excellent activity for releasing excess energy and stress. Climbing equipment is well suited for both schools and public playgrounds.


Parkour 004

This play structure provides many challenges for the children climbing up to the platform overlooking the playground. This structure also offers a lot of climbing challenges thus altering the rhythm of the climbing movement and training balance and coordination skills.


Suspension Trainer

Three suspension trainers hanging at varying heights for highly versatile and accessible own bodyweight training. Using gravity and body position hundreds of exercises can be performed according to individual fitness levels and abilities.


Magnetic Bells

Safe free weight training in the outdoors through an innovative breaking system. The three different weights move freely up and down a vertical tube, featuring a magnetic breaking system that offers controllable resistance, and prevents the weights from dropping to the surface and slows down the fall to a reduced pace.


Combi 2

Compact and complete street workout combination featuring an incline bench, push up bar, decline press, horizontal ladder and pull up station. The Combi 2 is suitable for pro’s to beginners, with both cleverly placed bars to determine difficulty level, and clean work out space for advanced training.


Tipi Carousel with Top Brace

The Tipi Carousel with top brace is a fun and thrilling play starter for social and physical play. The Tipi is a spacious, inclusive spinner, which welcomes all to whirl while lying, sitting or standing, with great support from the top brace.


Music Play Panel, Steel Post

The Music Pipes offer sensory variation with a tuned and tonal sound outcome and are great trainers of cause and effect and hand-eye coordination.

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Manipulative Play Panel, Steel Post

The manipulative play panel offers ample opportunity for cause-and-effect and sand play.

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Talk & Tumble with Net Under 2

This is the ultimate toddler parkour piece; a huge array of physical, social and cognitive play experiences are offered in this space creating combination of play units, which makes a whole toddler play trim trail. The Talk & Tumble with net comes with a vast variety of recognizable themes (flower, tree) with manipulative and tactile elements that stimulates language development through naming, reporting and comparing within toddlers comfort zone.


Junior Spica

The Junior Spica is specifically developed to deliver an exciting spinning challenge to the preschool child. The standing platform and center pole are adapted to the physical proportions of a preschooler in order to ensure a safe grip for both little feet and hands.

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The Daisy spring toy teaches some early lessons in sharing and cooperation. Up to four children may ride on this compact and efficient little flower, but even one child can have fun experimenting with balance and movement. 


Double Swing Combination with Bird's Nest

Product is available as FSC® Certified (FSC® C004450) robinia wood on request.


Water Lilies

The Water Lilies is all about working together. When all the seats are filled the children have to coordinate their movements if they want the Water Lilies to move, although two children can have an equally enjoyable ride as four. 



This multi-user spring toy accommodates up to three children on the seats while a few more can pile onto the center platform. Rocking stimulates the vestibular nerves, promoting balance and spatial skills, and small children learn about cause and effect as their actions are reflected by the Blazer’s springing motions.


Portal Swing Height 2.5 Meters with Birds Nest Rope Seat, Anthracite Legs & Connector, Galvanized Crossbeam

KOMPAN swings can be configured to adapt individual needs & demands.



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