Eiffel Tower, Paris

KOMPAN Playgrounds surround one of the world's most visited monuments, entertaining and enriching the experience for tourists and locals.

In the shade of the trees, within a short walk of one of the world’s greatest icons, lies multiple KOMPAN playgrounds. Every year, millions of Parisians and tourists visit the parks surrounding the Eiffel Tower to admire it, relax in the park, gather for a picnic or play at the playgrounds. The playgrounds are heavily used, but even after many years, the KOMPAN playground equipment remain safe and fun, while requiring little maintenance.

Tower and play pushing the limits

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair to showcase the art of modern engineers. At that time, the tower symbolized scientific progression - the pushing of the limits of what was possible. KOMPAN playgrounds aim to stimulate children to explore and push their own limits, perhaps becoming the scientists and artists of the future.

The parks around the Eiffel Tower feature a broad range of KOMPAN playground equipment for children of all ages. Children can build strength traversing a modern Galaxy steel structure, socialize in traditional playhouses, stretch the imagination on a play steam train, and discover the best way to navigate through the Classic Dome.







Eiffel Tower

Île-de-France, Paris 75007, France