Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Social research shows that the best educational investment in the future welfare and prosperity of a society is in its young children. Preschool playgrounds are more than just a great place for free play, they are also providing the perfect outdoor space for learning through play. Parents and educators to provide guidance and instruction during play. Well-planned play areas at day care centers and preschools add tremendous play value for childhood development physically as well as socially and cognitively.

From beautiful natural playgrounds for preschools made of durable Robinia hardwood, to our time tested MOMENTS™ platform, KOMPAN offers preschool playground equipment that supports this development. Research shows us that even very young children are not receiving the physical activity that is required to adequately develop motor skills. To encourage increased physical activity, it is essential to offer motivational play activities that help to stimulate that development. Want to learn more about the benefits of a natural playground

Toddlers and preschoolers get excited to engage in activities that respond to their movements, such as swings, and spinning and springing equipment. Social and creative play motivation is high in play areas that offer well-crafted play experiences, such as shelters and themed play areas sized just right for them as well as sensory activities like sand and water play.