Dr. Eloise Werlin Park Playground

The weather conditions on the bay with saltwater, wind, and sun require very durable products.     
Mr. Werlin worked with the City of Sarasota and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to create a destination park for people of all ages in Sarasota.

The park features playground equipment for children along the scenic Sarasota Bay. The center piece is a climbing net made of blue web rope, designed to boost children’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, imagination, social connections—all while being safe and fun.

The park came into existence thanks to generous donations from Ernest “Doc” Werlin and his many friends. In this endeavor, Mr. Werlin received considerable help from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Sarasota City Officials.

The park is named for his wife, Eloise. In addition to the construction costs, Mr. Werlin made an endowment to fund the future maintenance of the playground.


Location – a beautiful park on the Sarasota waterfront, created in honor of Dr. Eloise Werlin. The park brings families together in an exquisite setting.

Mr. Werlin said that the following motivated him:

“I saw people fishing with their children and the children had nothing to do.”

Mr. Werlin felt that a park with wonderful playground equipment would entice children. In addition, to attract adults, Mr. Werlin added beautiful benches and shading equipment. Mr. Werlin’s goal was to create a recreation area, which could entertain children while being adult friendly. The park, which attracts some 75,000 annually, has been voted Sarasota’ best park two years in a row.

When asked, Mr. Werlin readily confides that creating this park is one of his finest achievements. He has not only helped the Sarasota community, but also provided a wonderful testimony to his wife of forty years.

Mr. Werlin and his two daughters love visiting the park and sharing their thoughts with the park’s many guests.

I saw people fishing with their children and the children had nothing to do.KOMPAN was selected as the supplier for this playground since the company provides high quality play equipment that also can hold up in a difficult climate.

Mr. Ernest Werlin

Dr. Eloise Werlin Park Playground

Florida, Sarasota 34236, USA