Copenhagen Zoo

A Robinia makeover for an iconic playground

It takes courage to replace something that is much loved with something brand new. That’s exactly what happened at Copenhagen Zoo with the traditional playground. The result, a fresh feature that is more popular than ever, and one that doesn’t compete with, but complements, the main attraction, the animals. The new organic Robinia playground is so popular that opening hours have been extended and revenue, in terms of annual passes and kiosk sales, dramatically increased. Also on the positive side, parents can relax with a coffee whilst always having their happy children in sight.

All about development

The whole zoo experience is about learning and development. In the playground with Robinia slides, spinners, parcour obstacles and much more, the focus switches from looking and observing to doing. The kids can get cracking with the wonderful waterplay Robinia Flip runnel with two splash tables. Sand and water are two simple materials that feed the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. The different textures of sand mixed with water play make way for hours of fun and creativity.

Imaginations, triggered by the sounds, and smells, of nearby exotic beasts, run wild.

The design is largely an extension of those senses, a natural blend of exciting Robinia wood structures and challenges, mixed in with a hint of reality in the mud-stranded Land Rover.





Hear what the kids have to say

Let's hear the honest truth from the real play experts - the kids! We sat down with a few of the happy kids to get their initial feedback on the new playground. It seems they quite enjoy it. 

Learn more about the creative process

A lot of creative thought goes into the process of building a playground. Especially when you replace an old iconic and beloved playground that has been around for ages. Hear what the architecht has to say about the exciting Robinia project in Copenhagen Zoo. 

The kids are ecstatic, and they really are the most important customers in this regard.

Christian Higraff

Commercial Director, Copenhagen Zoo

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