Colts Canal Playspace

A First for Downtown Indianapolis

Downtown Indianapolis is the fastest growing neighborhood in Marion county, but lacked a public playground for residents and visitors. Seeing an opportunity to revitalize the underutilized Downtown Canal, the City of Indianapolis in partnership with the Indy Parks Foundation and the Indianapolis Colts Foundation wanted to build a site that not only provided the community and tourists with a playspace, but would be an striking peice of public art for the cultural experience of the canal. 


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Community Play on the Canal

Colts Canal Playspace combines high visual impact with varying and engaging play elements to draw residents and visitors. Numerous climbing elements promote physical activity as visitors traverse the different playground terrains. Ground level activities such as swings, carousels, and talking tubes all for participation in motion activities and socializing.  






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"The Colts are honored to work with Indy Parks, the Parks Foundation and so many other community partners to create this fun, family-friendly playspace for our friends, neighbors and visitors from downtown and surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy. We are looking forward to this space becoming yet another community resource and opportunity for families, particularly our young people, to be active and healthy."

Kalen Jackson

Indianapolis Colts

Vice-Chair and Owner

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