CocoWave Pendulum Swing

Thrill is the key motivator for physical play – and FUN 

With its massive rope bar, the new CocoWave Pendulum Swing takes the thrilling, fun-filled experience of swinging to a whole new level. 

Standing upright on a moving element is challenging in itself, but standing upright on a pendulum swinging rope bar is just pure fun and thrill. 

The oblong rope bar encourages children to swing together and socialize. The more children on the rope bar, the faster the pace and the more thrilling it gets. Getting the swing moving takes teamwork and requires that the children draw on social and communicative competences. 

When standing on the swinging rope bar, children improve their sense of balance and rhythm and the strength of their core muscles. 

The CocoWave Pendulum swing encourages different body positions; lying, sitting or standing, thus including different age groups and different abilities. 


A swing magnet that fits into any environment

The unique design and large play value of the CocoWave Pendulum swing allow it to fit into any environment, be it a park, a schoolyard or a public playground. The swing can either be a stand-alone solution or be part of either a solution with other swings or a balancing solution with stepping pods leading up to the swing.  

The CocoWave Pendulum Swing comes in two designs: 

Steel frame

Hot-dip galvanized steel frame or lime powder coating

Robinia Wood

Untreated Robinia wood or brown pigmented Robinia wood




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