Boothville Primary School

Playground tailor-made to fit the school’s development plan

Along with the teaching team at Boothville Primary School, KOMPAN designed a playground tailor-made to the school’s development plan. The playground is the perfect fit for the school’s educational goal to use the playground to engage the children in more than just physical development.

The colorful playground at Boothville not only provides a safe place for the children to have fun and interact with each other, but also serves a valuable learning environment where the children can develop their social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive skills.


More than physical development

The colorful playground with play towers, slides, as well as sand and water play WOWs the children at Boothville Primary School. The sand and water play station delight the senses and invite the children to come together and be creative, all while learning to negotiate turn-taking. At the home and garden play space, anything is possible, and it is up to the children’s imagination and creativity to determine which story or role they want to play. The manipulative and tactile elements of the play space stimulate the children’s social and verbal interaction. The play tower provides different gross motor activities such as climbing, balancing and sliding.






water 1.jpg


It's engaging, they are excited, they want to be outside in all weather 

Rebecca Payne 


Boothville Primary School

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