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KOMPAN is a Proud Supplier Partner of U.S. Communities

U.S. Communities is the leading national cooperative purchasing program for schools, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations. By using the U.S. Communities program these entities can purchase KOMPAN playground products at the guaranteed lowest competitively bid prices.

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In partnership with the U.S. Communities Program, the Office of General Services (OGS) has awarded KOMPAN a contract to provide playground equipment and related products to local governments and schools in NY.  This means not only will NY communities get great prices on play equipment, but it also helps simplify the purchasing process.  Gino Pugilese, Director of Maintenance at the Yonkers Parks & Recreation Department is an avid supporter of the state contracts.  He says, "Because of the OGS adoption of the U.S. Communities Contract, we got an easy turnkey solution that had quality equipment, with the best service at the best value."

The OGS website offers valuable information on how to access state contracts.   Information regarding the KOMPAN contract can also be found on the OGS website. The U.S. Communities website provides information on how to register and get you started with the program.  It also allows you to shop online through the U.S. Communities Marketplace.    

While installation of the play equipment is not part of this contract, KOMPAN Vice President of Sales, Jay Cooke says "we can work with organizations to find an easy and suitable turnkey solution." 

View the OGS-KOMPAN contract 

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