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Every day KOMPAN meets customers from all over the world who are struggling with rapid urbanization and today's sedentary lifestyles that leave citizens and communities with alarmingly low levels of physical activity. The financial burden of health issues, care dependency and lost productivity related to inactivity are creating even more pressure on already tight public budgets. 

KOMPAN addresses this issue with a new holistic training approach that consists of 3 layers. This new concept combines cleverly designed fitness solutions, an integrated training app and an onsite trainer program.

1. Training Location

Carefully chosen combinations of training equipment and surfacing allow for hundreds of different exercises and programs for everyone.

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2. Training App

The app functions as an online personal trainer, guiding users on exercise and nutrition, while motivating them to stay active.

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3. Trainer

KOMPAN believes the presence of on-site trainers will make all the difference to fully benefitting from the training potential and achieving optimal user retention.


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