Training packages that accommodate the needs of all ages within the community, and offer the most popular activity types.

play-sports.jpg icon-play-sports.png PLAY SPORTS

A playful way of training and socializing with a focus on fun, challenge and creativity. A physical activity where people forget that they are actually exercising. 

sport-fitness.jpg icon-sport-fitness.png SPORT & FITNESS

This is training for everyone. Aimed at achieving personal goals and social engagement.

active-ageing.jpg icon-active-ageing.png ACTIVE AGING

Balanced training to support a healthy self-reliant lifestyle, while offering a place for seniors to meet and be active together.


Find the right solution by combining the training type and user group.  



All solutions are designed with a supportive KOMPAN app and optional trainer support to make sure that motivation and retention is an integrated part so that success is guaranteed. These are just a few of the solutions available. Together with the customer, and ideally with community users, KOMPAN customizes location-specific solutions. 

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