Where there are children, there is always a passion for play. And where there are opportunities for play, you can count on KOMPAN to be close at hand and ready to assist.

As magical as playgrounds can seem, they don't appear magically. Setting up a playground can be a complex process that sometimes call for support along the way. We understand that processes of funding, planning, designing, installing, and eventually maintaining your playground. With KOMPAN as your preferred partner, you can count on getting the advice and assistance you need ever step of the way.

KOMPAN has built the largest range of playground solutions by continuing to move forward with new innovations. The products in our market-leading range span all ages, cover every potential category, and accommodate every imaginable aspect of a child's physical development. We offer both timeless classics and out-of-this-world innovation - making it easy for you tocshoose a unique solution that will stimulate curiostiy, excitment, and chil-development.

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