M123 - Elephant

What child can resist a friendly Elephant that will actually invite him or her to come and ride it? The child’s bravery in mounting this beast is rewarded with a thrilling ride. Plus, the extra enclosure security offered by the side panels is reassuring - as a friendly Elephant always is. Spring toys like the Elephant let young children enjoy the sheer exuberance of rocking, while the effort required to set the toy in motion (and keep it going) provides excellent gross motor physical exercise. Rocking stimulates the vestibular nerves, promoting balance and spatial skills, and small children learn about cause and effect as their actions are replicated by the Elephant’s springing motions. Rhythmic movement is also a crucial support to learning languages.

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  • Category:
    Spring Riders
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  • Age group:
    2-5 Years
  • Installation:
    2 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
  • Weight: 0 kg
Accesible HDPE
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