M591 - Waterfall

The Waterfall structure is designed to satisfy the urge for water play in young children. Water has a unique attraction for kids. They enjoy touching it, moving it around, and it is a very useful construction material for them to carry in containers, mix with sand, or experiment with the ability of loose materials to float. Water can be let out in either basin and moved down the Waterfall by busy water engineers through designs like the cone and rotating cylinder, which can move the water to the next level. This product is designed to engage lots of children at the same time, as a table of exploration and also a social meeting spot. The basins and the three satellite play counters provide multiple accessible points for play. The Waterfall is inviting to all young children, and it is wheelchair-accessible. Toddlers will find basin tables to cruise around, providing support as well as plenty of exploratory things to do. Preschoolers and kindergartners will construct, build, carry and guide water around the play piece. In the midst of busy and intense water play, they will converse and discuss the options for things to do with this magnetic play piece.

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