Safe challenges

Playground Equipment

How do you make safe playgrounds that thrill children?

Playgrounds have to be safe for children, but part of what makes an activity fun is the thrill of doing something that seems just a bit dangerous. So how do you make playgrounds that thrill children safely?

At KOMPAN, we think of safety as achieving just the right balance of comfort and challenges. Comfort makes children feel safe and secure while they play freely. Challenges help to expand the child's comfort zone.

Understanding what "comfort" and "challenges" mean for individual children requires deep insight into the specific age groups of children. What makes them feel comfortable? Do they have the experience it takes to be able to predict risk?

In addition to achieving the right balance between comfort and challenge our products are tested to meet the requirements of the safety standard relevant in the markets where sold. Being a worldwide company we work with both the American playground safety standard ASTM F1487 as well as the Canadian CSA Z614 and the European EN1176.

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