PCM300104 - Triple Tower, Physical, ADA Stairs, Plastic Slide

This play dense three tower structure allows for versatile physical activities, all in a spacious framework allowing for a lot of children in play. A nice inclined net leads the child securely to the low house platform from which it can take a rewarding, stomach tickling slide ride to the ground level. Alternatively, a bridge spanning two levels takes the child a level up to the middle tower. The middle platform can also be accessed by an ADA stairway, spacious enough for an assistant to go with the child. A nice, rotating slide on the Curly Climber can be taken back to the ground, or, the lovely, swaying and great climbing U-net offers a supportive and fun frame for climbing over, through or across while swaying gently. It even allows for a break at the bottom of the net, letting the others sway the net. On the other side of the U-net, a nice, tall house platform invites a break and an elevated view of the playground, or, a stomach tickling, longer slide ride to the ground level. On the ground level a small play world exists under the platform, created by two play desks from where the children can play shop, have exhibitions or whatever the play of the day requests. If in need for an additional, swaying break, the hammock under the platform allows for it.

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    Play Structures
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    + Years
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    25 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
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