PCM200308 - Double Tower, Cognitive & Creative, ADA Stairs, Plastic Slide

This great ADA accessible play combination offers a variety of creative and social play, developing children’s insight through play activity while offering classic, fun, physical play activity. An ADA stairway, spacious enough for an assistant to come along, takes the child onto a platform from which it can either go down the double slide, holding hands with a friend, play Naughts&Crosses, or take the bridge to the house platform, a level up as the bridge spans two levels and thus gives an extra spatial experience when going up, or down, the bridge. Once on the house platform, the house invites to a nice break. If a break in the house is not in demand, the slide offers a stomach tickling ride down to the ground. Alternatively, the Curly Climber gives a nice, rotating slide with a good handhold, to ground level. On ground level two panels create a fun play space: The Manipulative play panel offers ample opportunity for cause-and-effect games and sand play. The numbers can be named and used in play, supporting the child’s communication, language and the understanding of numeracy. That goes for the Count & Calculate panel as well: On the one side the numbers from 1-12 are placed, on the other side the four categories of algebra. A big arrow can be turned to point at the numbers, creating fun tasks between play mates. All in all there is something for everyone and all abilities in this elaborate play structure.

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