PCM200302 - Double Tower, Basic, ADA Stairs, Plastic Slide

This compact play structure offers an ADA stairway allowing for a roomy climb, with room for an assistant, up to a platform from which a joyful loop of climbing up and sliding down can be done again and again. Between the towers a big meshed climbing net which can be climbed over and through is placed. The net is spacious enough to hang in the knees from and leads to the roomy house which makes a good meeting spot, from where the child can enjoy a stomach tickling slide ride to the ground level. All in all there are good loops of climbing and sliding that children will take again and again, with great joy. Under the house a good space is created with the bench, which can be used for a rest, as a counter or an exhibition space or whatever the play of the day calls for.

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    Play Structures
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    + Years
  • Installation:
    15 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
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