PCM200102 - Double Tower, Basic, ADA Stairs, Plastic Slide

This two tower structure allows for varied climbing in the great meshed net, which also allows for climbing through or hanging from your knees. The one tower can be entered via an ADA staircase, wide enough to room an assistant and with good grips in the side panels and the floors. The transfer platform is wide enough to allow for a seat. The panel in the tower offers a nice count&calculate panel, introducing the numbers 1-12 and on the other side the basic symbols of algebra. The house with the slide has a sturdy ladder up and offers a stomach tickling ride down the slide. The view from the house with the carved windows is worth the journey up, and under the platform a nice space with a seat is created for a break, a meeting, small exhibitions or playing shop.

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    Play Structures
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    + Years
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    14 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
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