MSC6419 - Adventure Tower

The tower includes an internal navigation route that brings the child up the stairs, where he or she can choose to continue the journey by venturing out in the climbing net or go down the speedy slide. The climbing net is challenging and dynamic. It offers unusual climbing patterns in and around as well as up and down, involving whole-body movements, and you have to contemplate how to maneuver around friends you meet in the net. The outside of the play structure has an intriguing climbing wall, as well as an option to climb through the hole in the bush to explore what is underneath the structure. The binoculars at the top of the structure are an excellent way to explore the surroundings, and they call for great conversation among children exploring their potential uses.

Technical drawing

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  • Category:
    Play Structures
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  • Age group:
    2-5 Years
  • Installation:
    11 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
  • Weight: 0 kg
Accesible HDPE
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