Supernova - Gray

The Supernova works as a product for individual, competitive or cooperative play by harnessing the effects of gravity with our unique slanted ring configuration. When one child engages the Supernova, the product reacts to their movements and multiple games can occur, such as attempting to reach the top while the ring rotates to send you back to the bottom. Each additional child causes a change in the dynamics of the product such that children can operate the rotational speed and direction by moving relative to each other; the more children, the more fun. The combination of social interaction and movement makes the Supernova the biggest attraction on the playground.

Product number: GXY916012

Art: Supernova, carousels & spinners

Series: Traditional Play

2 hour(s) , 1 person(s)


2D drawing
3D drawing
Product animation
Product animation

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