When creating the perfect tourism destination, it’s important to have places to play for visiting families.

In a family-oriented setting, the right activities can have a major impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Playgrounds help make the perfect holiday if they:

  • Help children have fun and meet new friends
  • Provide physical activity
  • Promote creativity
  • Encourage children to invent new ways to play
  • Give parents opportunities to participate in play

KOMPAN's customer service team is ready and willing to help you plan either a new play environment or adapt an existing one. This includes dividing playgrounds into zones for different user groups and different activities.  We can assist you through all stages of the playground planning process.

The KOMPAN product catalog covers everything you need to turn your space into a busy tourist attraction.  Playgrounds, sport games and adult exercise products, help you create a play space for travellers of all ages. And of course all KOMPAN products are TUV certified and follow the applicable safety standards.


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