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KOMPAN offers a wide range of playground equipment for every environment from rural to urban. Our innovative designs and product choices easily blend elements of product and landscape into any location.

KOMPAN's approach and understanding of core play values, allows us to provide playground equipment that fits with the uniqueness of every community and benefits the health and well-being of its users.

Our playground equipment is designed to require the lowest level of maintenance possible.  We use the highest quality materials available and repainting of parts is not required in our parks. In our experience, this considerably increases the lifetime of the playground and acts as a strong defense against possible vandalism.

At KOMPAN, we understand that delivering playgrounds that are inclusive for all abilities, while being fun, challenging and safe, is not as straight forward as it may seem.  That's why we have a comprehensive support service that includes: 

  • Pre-Planning Consultation
  • Technical and Visual Design
  • Funding Guidance
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and service 

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