Saltar's Point Elementary Corocord Parkour Package


Steilacoom, WA - Saltar' Point Elementary was a Corocord Parkour Play Package trendsetter.

Corocord Parkour Play Package

They went BIG, really BIG and now schools and parks everywhere are following suit.

This is a great example of the massive play value in our new Corocord packages. This design uses a modified COR-PAK 11/1 where we added an additional COR1503 Swaying Seesaw and COR1501 Swaying Bridge. The Design Draw team visited the grand opening last Friday and the kids' response to this product was phenomenal.

In observing children at play on this new structure, it is incredible to see the different levels of challenge represented in this product. The Swaying Bridge seems to be the natural starting point for the kids as it was the only dead-end on the structure and it offers the easiest access with a pretty stable way across. The kids then make their way onto the Swaying Seesaw, which is one of the least expensive items we offer as it seems like a basic design, but turned out to be one of the most dynamic and popular pieces on the playground.

After the seesaw, the children have the opportunity to take a break in a Triangular Amusement or choose between the Trample Path and Rope Slalom which provide varying degrees of difficulty. The Trample Path is another seemingly simple piece that presents a real challenge to navigate across. The structure finishes off with a Climbing Ramp, Crossed Ladders, and some additional balancing ropes.

This site is a tremendous value that packs a whole ton of play! By using a PLAY POSSIBLE matching funds grant, the school further maximized the value and created a priceless playspace for their students and entire community.

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