A happy ending for the Fabritius School


After a devastating fire, Fabritius School in Hilversum, Netherlands was restored to its former glory and entirely modernised inside. Now, the school is redesigning its spacious outside area in collaboration with KOMPAN.

"Previously, we had a fantastic school building, but at the same time poor play facilities for our students," explains the principal, Frank Higler. "A lot of grass and paving stones, with wooden benches here and there and a rusty climbing frame. That was it, more or less." The change came in 2003, on the initiative of a student's mother.

KOMPAN was approached by the city council to take on the job, and the project was kicked off with an extensive investigation of what everyone wanted.

"For safety reasons we wanted to reserve the elevated play area for the toddlers," explains Mr Higler, who continues: "It also had to be possible to play handball, so we opted for one goal combined with a basket, because we thought that two goals might unintentionally attract older youths." In the end, the working group came up with a detailed proposal reflecting the wishes of all stakeholders. Work started during the May recess and was finished three weeks later.

Students, parents, children from the neighbourhood and the school's management are all full of praise for the result. "All day long the children climb around on the equipment and have fun. And everything still looks brand new!" Mr Higler concludes.

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