Three Core Pillars


KOMPAN’s philosophy is based on three core pillars: Health, Learning, and Environment.

Health - More play, healthier children
As much as well-planned playgrounds promote healthy physical exercise, they also help children develop their sense of awareness, their ability to empathize, and their intellect. At KOMPAN, we see physical and mental health as intrinsically intertwined - and the solutions we develop benefit bodies and minds alike. We create healthy environments for people, neighborhoods and society at large.

Learning - Behind all the fun lies learning
When children play, they acquire everything from physical skills to social norms. They're constantly learning - even if they don't appear to be, since everyone's having so much fun. The knowledge children acquire through active outdoor play is knowledge that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. At KOMPAN, we develop playgrounds specifically to help children actively and constructively deal with real-life experiences.

Environment - We create a better future for children
For KOMPAN, great product design also means sustainable design. Our products incorporate recycled materials wherever possible, and use no plastics containing critical substances. Our production processes are also designed to minimize environmental impact, and we require our suppliers to comply with these same high standards.

At the end of their lifecycle, KOMPAN products are easy to separate into their different materials and recycle or dispose of responsibly.

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